Directed by Dave Clark

Auditions: Monday, June 24 & Wednesday, June 26 - both nights at 6:30pm

Rehearsals: Monday and Wednesday nights beginning on July 15, Sunday nights will be added on August 11.

Performances: September 6 - 22, Fridays and Saturdays @ 8pm, Sundays @ 2pm

Seeking 3 men and 1 woman, all characters are in their mid 50's

All those who wish to audition are asked to register for an audition slot.  Click here to register.

Show Synopsis: A group of middle-aged buddies reunite for a "guys' weekend" in a snowed-in cabin to relive the good old days of high school and college.  Beer, unhealthy food, sports, and most of all, no talk of feelings are the general rules.  The guys' weekend is interrupted when the wife of the 4thman shows up in his place.  All the characters have been friends since high school.  All are facing mid-life challenges, and facing their own mortality.

All characters are in their mid 50s

TJ – Advertising executive being pushed out by younger, faster hipsters.  He’s a bit boisterous, the default leader of the pack – if there can be a leader.  Was probably one of the most popular guys in high school.  Generally gets his way because he’s pushy, but in a friendly way.  Dated Jessie in high school.  The weekend was probably his idea.  Actor must be able to chug a beer (we will be using non alcoholic beer) and convincingly be able to dance disco, or at least once could.

Richard – Suffered a stroke recently.  Probably the most intelligent of the group, but now has difficulty communicating and getting around.  Must be able to pull of the physicality of a stroke victim with respect. He is quite frustrated by his lost abilities.

Mark– laid off newspaper writer, now writing freelance. Closest friend to Richard, and acts as his interpreter.  Of the 3 male characters he is the one most likely to tip his hand and show his feelings.

Jessie– wife of Adrian (the 4thguy who never shows up).  Adrian is a politician running for office.  In high school Jessie and TJ were dating and went to the prom together, but Jessie married Adrian, TJ’s friend.  She is strong, sarcastic, and very intelligent.  She is able to hold her own against all 3 men in a battle of wits. She exudes a certain sexuality without being overt.  She is just as pushy as TJ.  Due to specific lines in the script it must be believable that Jessie attends “Hot Yoga” classes and could win hands down in a game of Twister.  (no, we won’t actually play Twister)

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